May 24 2014

Announcing…Certified Organic Chicken Parts!!

chicken parts

good afternoon!! we are SO excited to announce that as of this weekend, we are offering our own certified organic, pasture raised, organic on-farm processed chicken parts at all of our markets!

we will have a limited amount of the following items along with our whole fresh chickens at each of our farmers markets:

Chicken Tenders (8 per package): $14lb
Boneless Breast (2-3 per package): $13lb
Thigh Quarters (2 per package): $10lb
Whole Wings (4-6 per package): $6.50lb
Chicken Livers (5-6 per package): $4lb
Chicken Necks (5-6 per package): $2lb

come on out to your local farmers market and try some of the best chicken you’ll ever have! see you soon!

May 13 2014


it’s a busy, busy time here at the farm! winter weather has FINALLY (dare we say it?) left the region, and even nights that get chilly don’t go deep below freezing now…we hope!
we finally got the floor poured for our new washroom in the lower part of our barn! i plan on doing a more detailed post about it later this week, but for now, just know that we are so excited to have a cool clean place to have a walk in cooler, our freezer and fridge, washroom and storage area for the farm. Brad and Andy Jacobs did an incredible job with the masonry and we’d recommend them to anyone who could use their services.
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we’ve brought many of our plants out of the greenhouse to be hardened off for planting, and many more have been planted and direct seeded. we are about a week behind for the season and we’ve decided to push back our CSA distribution date back one week to begin June 4th. we’ve heard from many other farmers in the area that the long winter weather conditions has forced their schedules behind as well.
we have already processed two batches of fresh whole chickens this season and will try to process for parts this week depending on the size of the birds. we are really liking the hatchery for our broilers this year- the birds are much hardier as little chicks and are growing beautifully once they are out on pasture.
our new hens are sizing up quite nicely as well! we hope they start laying in late June as our original flock is beginning to age out of being prolific layers. we have the new set of hens in their pasture next to our original flock and the roosters are VERY interested in them…we’re waiting a few more weeks before we formally introduce two of the roosters into the flock, although one has gotten himself in there more than once.

if you are one of our market customers, we are looking forward to seeing you at Canandaigua, Brighton and the new Pittsford farmers market this season! If you joined our CSA, THANK YOU. we are truly enjoying growing your food right now. if you are still interested in joining our CSA, we still have room for more members! please let us know ASAP! thanks so much!