Announcing…Certified Organic Chicken Parts!!

chicken parts

good afternoon!! we are SO excited to announce that as of this weekend, we are offering our own certified organic, pasture raised, organic on-farm processed chicken parts at all of our markets!

we will have a limited amount of the following items along with our whole fresh chickens at each of our farmers markets:

Chicken Tenders (8 per package): $14lb
Boneless Breast (2-3 per package): $13lb
Thigh Quarters (2 per package): $10lb
Whole Wings (4-6 per package): $6.50lb
Chicken Livers (5-6 per package): $4lb
Chicken Necks (5-6 per package): $2lb

come on out to your local farmers market and try some of the best chicken you’ll ever have! see you soon!

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