Feb 25 2015

National CSA Sign-Up Day February 28!


We are pleased to join other farms from around the country for National CSA Sign-Up Day on February 28. The day encourages food consumers to buy a share of their local farm’s harvest for the 2015 season, a buying model known as Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA.

CSA has become an important model to support local agriculture since it was introduced to the United States in the 1980s and since grown to over 6,000 farms across the country. To join a CSA, members buy a share of the harvest in the Winter and Spring and then get a box of local produce each week throughout the growing season.

“CSAs are the most authentic connection between a farmer and eater available. CSA members get the freshest, high quality, seasonal local produce, but they also get a direct connection to their farmer. This model is economically important to farmers, especially small and beginning farmers, because they can grow with confidence knowing that they have a market for their produce ahead of time,” says Simon Huntley from Small Farm Central, a technology company that works with CSA farms across the country, and the creator of National CSA Sign-up Day.

February 28th was chosen as National CSA Sign-up Day because this day is the most popular day to sign up for CSA shares according to the 2014 CSA Farming Report. Buying a CSA share in late winter is important because farmers are making the capital investments for this year’s harvest now and the CSA model means they do not need to finance these costs with costly credit.

This year our CSA is incorporating new features based on feedback from our customers and members from last season: we have added a new pick up location in Victor, NY on Monday evenings at St. Patrick’s Church; we are adopting the “market style choice” model for shares, and continuing to offer biweekly “half” shares for those members who can’t use a full box of produce every week.

Sign-up is easy! To learn more and to join us for the 2015 season, you can reach us at lakestonefamilyfarm @ gmail.com, or call us at 516 314 8209. We accept cash, check or credit card as payment. We can’t wait for the snow to melt and to start growing your food!

Feb 10 2015

2015 CSA Shares!

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering shares in our certified organic CSA this year! please tell your family and friends! all are welcome to join!


we have full share memberships for 22 weeks of certified organic produce for only $660.

this season we are excited to offer a half share option as well- you receive a full box of certified organic produce every other week (we’ll assign which group you are in – A or B- and email you to remind you what week it is) the 1/2 share is 11 weeks of produce for $345.

in addition, we are offering our certified organic chicken share as well- 22 whole frozen chickens (average around 3.75lbs each) for only $5.50 per pound, for a total of $450. you pick up one whole chicken, every week.

this season we will offer a half share whole chicken option also- 11 whole frozen chickens (average around 3.75lbs each) for only $5.50 per pound, for a total of $225. you pick up one whole chicken, every other week.

our egg share is 1 dozen certified organic eggs a week for 22 weeks for a total of $120.

we will now offer THREE pick up locations for your convenience!
MONDAYS at St. Patrick’s Church in Victor OR Trinity Baptist Church (on Atlantic and Winton) from 4:30pm-6pm, rain or shine.

WEDNESDAYS here at the farm in Farmington from 4pm to 6pm.

we have a facebook group page for all our CSA members to share recipes, questions and feedback on the share, as well as a pinterest page of recipes for share items that anyone can access from the group.

payment in full is preferred with your signed contract- we accept cash, check and credit cards. we also have a three part installment plan available- please see page four of our contract for more details.

attached is our contract- Member Agreement for 2015 it contains much more information on the shares- please read it, fill it out and return it to us ASAP with your payment.

of course, we are on facebook. please like us and share our posts! https://www.facebook.com/lakestonefamilyfarm

if you have any questions, please email us at lakestonefamilyfarm @ gmail . com or call Denis at 516 314 8209

we look forward to having you be a part of our harvest!