Apr 22 2015

earth day 2015!



it’s earth day 2015- a day to acknowledge how we all depend on the earth and each other to sustain us so that we may all flourish together. when we decided to take the chance and start on this path towards sustainability for our family, we didn’t know that we would be farming at this capacity so quickly! it has truly been a learning experience for us to see just how difficult it is to grow good food for others in an ecologically sustainable way while staying economically sustainable as well. many people questioned this decision for our family- many days we question it ourselves. ultimately, our love of the earth and each other brings us back to our basic goals and inspires us to keep trying.

we are a very small family farm. we chose organic certification because we know that treating the earth with respect includes keeping it free from toxins and various other common abuses, and certification leaves no wiggle room for that. we grow over 100 varieties of vegetables that are certified organic for our local and regional communities. we raise our chickens outdoors on our pasture and perform all slaughtering and butchering here. our hens lay their eggs while enjoying each day outside with plenty of room on fresh organic certified pasture. we only sell what we grow and raise ourselves. everything that passes from our hands into yours has been cared for by us. we employ 5 local people, 2 of whom are full time. your support of our farm directly supports those five individuals and their families, as well as ourselves and our three children. to remain economically sustainable in farming is as challenging as the day to day and month to month challenges of the physical labors of farming.

thank you for your support of our Lakestone Family Farm. we appreciate all of the ways that you show your support of us and the earth. We look forward to bringing you fresh, clean, organic produce, chicken and eggs all year long.

Apr 10 2015

CSA Harvest Share contract!


we were asked to provide the latest version of our contract on the site, so here it is!

Member Agreement for 2015

yes! our contract is nearly four pages long! we try to be as clear as possible with our members what they should expect when they become harvest share members!


We describe what being certified organic implies, outline what we have planned to grow this season, and we explain what happens in the event of a crop failure.


We ask that you provide us with your contact information, as well as 1. what location you will pickup, 2. what shares you would like, 3. your payment information, and 4. your signature


we look forward to growing your food this year!