CSA Harvest Share 2016 Sign Up Begins!!

Our 2016 CSA Harvest Share Season begins June 5th at our new distribution location at the Brighton Farmers' Market from 9am-1pm! We will also have our other two distribution locations on Mondays- at our City location at Trinity Baptist Church on Atlantic at Winton Road from 4:30pm to 6pm, and here at the farm from 4-6pm.


We listened to your feedback and this season we are offering two weekly versions of our 22 week certified organic harvest shares: a large (formerly known as FULL) share, with about 8-11 items every week, and a small share, with about 5-7 items every week. our large share will remain at $660, and the small share will be $440. BOTH shares will be distributed every week.
This season we are adding a U-pick garden option for any member who has the Farm as their pick up location. This U-pick garden will feature seasonal harvest items: we plan to grow fresh herbs, peas, beans, cherry tomatoes, and select greens, as well as offer select ground cherries, black cap raspberries, apples and pears based on seasonal availability. Come and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine as you select your own vegetables from the field!
Our certified organic chicken full share is 22 whole FRESH chickens (average around 3.75lbs each, at a price of $5.50 per pound), for a total of $450. you pick up one whole chicken, every week, beginning June 5th. Half shares for chicken are available as well, for a total of eleven whole fresh chickens- one distributed every other week during the season.

Our egg share is 1 dozen certified organic eggs a week for 22 weeks for $132, beginning June 5th.

We have a facebook group page for all our CSA members to share recipes, questions and feedback on the share, as well as a pinterest page of recipes for share items that anyone can access from the group.

Payment in full is preferred with your signed contract- we accept cash, check and major credit cards. we also have a three part installment plan available- please see page four of our contract for more details.

Attached is our contract-Member Agreement for 2016 it contains much more information on the shares- please read it, fill it out and return it to us ASAP with your payment.

Of course, we are on facebook. please like us and share our posts! https://www.facebook.com/lakestonefamilyfarm

If you have any questions, please email us at lakestonefamilyfarm @ gmail . com or call Denis at 516 314 8209

We look forward to your investment in our farm and our harvest!

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