CSA Day 2017!

Feed your family, support your farmers and our family!


We’re celebrating CSA Day today, February 24th– it’s the most popular day of the year to sign up for a harvest share from a small farm in your own local community! why not be a part of a great way to support your local farm?

please download and return our CSA Harvest Share contract today: Member Agreement for 2017

CSA farmers across the country (including us!) need your support right now for a successful harvest this year. Folks often ask us “what do you guys DO during the winter?” The answer is- all the stuff (there’s so much) we couldn’t get to during the active harvest season (May through December)! January is full of paperwork, seed research, and physical upgrades to the barn, facilities and equipment. February is when we order our seeds- thousands of dollars worth- and start ordering supplies and assembling our farm crew to get the greenhouse going. February is also our lowest month for revenue, which is why your investment in a harvest share is so vital to keep our farm operational.


We began this farm in 2011 with the goal of becoming a business that could support ourselves and our family in three years. we are still hoping to achieve this goal- paying ourselves from the farm instead of using what’s left of our savings to pay the farm’s bills and payroll. your investment this month will help us avoid the personal debt we incur in pre-harvest months before we get to summer market season.

Please share this and help spread the word! Your support is so important to us!

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