farmers market gift cards now available!


when we last updated the site, we explained how the CSA business model was one we had hoped to use here at our farm to support ourselves wasn’t coming through for a variety of reasons. one reason is because so many people don’t like the CSA model for buying their produce- they’ve had a bad experience and they prefer the ability to have a choice for what they get every week. we totally understand that! and yet, we still need to pay our staff and buy supplies before the summer market season begins.


we did a quick survey on facebook to see if anyone would be interested in purchasing a debit card in lieu of a traditional CSA harvest share- essentially you would make the same initial investment in the spring, and purchase a debit card from us to use at our market stands or here at the farm all season long. we received quite a bit of interest, so we made the investment, and are happy to announce they are available for purchase now!


the benefits of the farmers market debit card are many- if you go on vacation and don’t want to miss a week of the share, now you won’t have to! if you just can’t stand another bunch of kale this week, don’t get it! maybe you’re having a pot luck at work and you need to get double the amount of strawberries to make a dessert for 30- now you can! do you want three dozen eggs instead of one? yes you can! use the debit card on any item- produce, chicken or eggs- available at the market stand or here at the farm, all through the season. you can even refill a card when it runs out.


we also are selling these as gift cards- it’s a busy time of year for gifts and so many people are hard to shop for. mother’s day, teacher’s gifts, graduations, father’s day, birthdays- someone you know that might love to have the chance to try some fresh local certified organic produce at one of your favorite farmers markets! maybe you have a fundraising event coming up that you could donate a debit card to- a raffle or a gift basket to a worthy cause, that helps us at the same time.


our farmers market debit cards are available for purchase online at and from us directly either here at the farm or at any of our market locations. we look forward to seeing you soon, and as always, thank you for supporting our small family farm.

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