csa harvest share! week one!

to our members:


thank you all for putting your faith in us to grow your veggies and raise your chickens this summer!

The financial support you all provided has allowed us to put 4 people to work for the last 2 months, purchase all of our seeds, potting soil, and other growing supplies in addition to several hundred chickens, chicken feed and a new egg washing machine!

Over the past few months, we have been working hard to cultivate a bounty for us all to share.  Early on in March, we were off to a good start.  Cool dry weather and our newly expanded greenhouse afforded us the ability to work some ground we had prepared in the fall as well as start tens of thousands of seeds.  Many of those seeds are what we have ready for you to enjoy over the coming weeks.  As you are all aware, since March, we have had extremely wet weather.  This weather has caused drastic delays to our planting schedule.  We are working over time to catch up, in addition to planting a few extra quicker crops to keep you all fed.

This weeks offerings will be

Baby Pac Choi

Gunsho- chinese broccoli much like rapini

red radishes

french breakfast radishes

hakurei turnips- sweet and juicy, great in salads

red kale

green kale

tuscan kale

hon tsai tai- purple flowering broccoli

swiss chard

garlic scapes


we have a pinterest board where we have pinned over 400 recipes to give you a place to start with your share! i’ve chosen very simple recipes for the most part, and we have tried quite a few. some of the recipes come from former members- if you find a recipe online that you try and like, send me the link and i’ll put it on the board! there are also links to basic cooking techniques and best storage practices for all of the vegetables we grow

Due to the fact that our harvests are still small, we will be sure that those of you picking up at Brighton and Canandaigua markets have full variety to choose from.  Those of you picking up at the farm will have full variety as well, just know that no other customers will be shopping at the farm.

We try to make pick up procedure will be as easy as possible.  When you arrive at pickup, please check in on the sign in sheet. This will help us with our record keeping.  You will then be informed by anyone working the pickup or market how many items you may take for the week.  gather up your choices from what is available, and place them the box, bag, basket or anything else you bring to put them in.  Items will generally be packed in item size units like peppers in quart baskets and greens in bunches. Each bunch or quart will be a single item.

Chicken customers will be aided by the folks at the pick up locations to be sure you are on schedule, especially if you are picking up chicken every other week.  For the first distribution, we will be giving out frozen chickens.  We had a little trouble with the foxes this spring and the batches affected were due to be harvested last week and this week.  In the future, the chicken will be fresh so please plan accordingly with your own freezer packs and or bags or a cooler especially if you plan on spending some time at the farmers market while you pick up.

If for some reason you will not be able to attend a pick up, please give us 48 hours notice and we will try our best to accommodate you. Please be on time for pick up.  The farmers market locations are a lot of work to tear down, and time sensitive to when we need to leave.  My recommendations for Canandaigua is to pick up by 11:30 and for Brighton by 12:00.  This will ensure better selection, and help keep us from running late.  Pick up at the farm will be from 4-6 pm on Monday evenings. Labor day weekend pick up at the farm will be Tuesday September 5th.

Those of you who purchased your shares from our online store still need to turn in your member agreements.  Please go to our website www.lakestonefamilyfarm.com and print, fill out and bring to pick up with you.

we look forward to meeting with all of you!

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