About Lakestone

Lakestone Family Farm was dreamed of and founded by denis and trish lepel in 2011. we are located in Farmington, NY and are certified organic by NOFA-NY. We grow a variety of vegetables and raise chickens and eggs for sale to the public at a number of local farmers markets and through purchase of a CSA membership.




One day in late 2010, we decided to look online for a farmhouse on a little piece of land near Rochester, NY, with plans on eventually moving back up to start a small organic farm. little did we expect that the Bradbury House even existed, or that it would be available for us to consider owning. as soon as the picture popped up online, we were both hooked- it truly was love at first sight.


After many months of researching the house and the land, and convincing a bank that we were a good investment, on July 8th 2011 we officially became the sixth family to own the land and house that Harriet Bradbury purchased and built on in 1848. right away we started our plans for the farm- sketching out fields and buying an old tractor to mow, plow and shape a field to plant some garlic.


this past season we were thrilled and humbled to see our work pay off in so many ways- from wee seedlings sprouting in the greenhouse we put up (and losing trays and trays to a frost), to the first shoots of garlic and peas growing in the field, to our first batch of chickens in May- planting our field and harvesting our crops to bring to market five times (!) a week, to raising and processing our on pasture broilers and eggs. we survived the drought and were even able to hire a part time worker to help us juggle all the work we didn’t realize we had taken on.


We are excited about our adventure and recognize our rich blessings in being able to follow our dream to be good stewards of the land we are privileged to care for. we owe our families so much credit for their love and support in making this happen with us. we are grateful for the community that has nurtured and supported us in so many ways- fellow farmers and neighbors and especially those of you who trusted us to raise the food you purchased from us.


“So then, of all to whom much has been given, much will be required. And of those to whom much has been entrusted, even more will be asked.” Luke 12:48