House Restoration

Winter 1946
our beautiful home was built between 1849-1851 by Harriet Smith Bradbury, a local Quaker woman whose family was a part of the original group of settlers of the Farmington, NY area. based on the pictures and history we have, we originally thought that Harriet was a single woman who had no children of her own, recently we discovered that she was in fact married to a man named Thomas and lived to raise her 4 nieces and nephews after her sister died.

our history tells the story of a fiesty, independent woman who knew what she wanted and got it, both in life and in building her beautiful house. Cobblestone buildings are unique to the area of Western NY- according to Cobblestone Quest by Rich and Sue Freeman, “over 90% of cobblestone buildings in the US reside within a 65 mile radius of Rochester, NY.” A cobblestone is technically any stone that is round and can be held comforatably in the hand- Harriet Bradbury built hers from round red sand stones that she collected from the shores of Lake Ontario. the story tells us she drove her horse drawn cart up with a helper every friday evening, hand picking each stone all weekend and driving back on Sunday in order to have enough stones for the mason for the week come monday.

to be continued…